The following aircraft below are for Piedmont Aero Club members only (not TAA). Contact Wes Parker at (210) 885-4612 to complete the rental agreement and he will direct you to a Flight Instructor who can arrange a checkout. In addition to these aircraft, members are also able to rent aircraft through TAA, as explained further below.

Beechcraft Skipper BE77

Club Rate: $90.00/hr wet
Club Membership not required

The additional aircraft below are available through our exclusive partnership with Triad Aviation Academy, based in Greensboro, NC (KGSO). These rates reflect Piedmont Aero Club's 15% discount (fuel surcharge included!). View Flight Training page for instruction rates.

Cessna 150M

Discounted Rate: $85.00/hr wet

Liberty XL2

Discounted Rate: $108.80/hr wet

Cessna 172L

Discounted Rate: $114.75/hr wet

Arrow PA28R-200

Discounted Rate: $148.75/hr wet

Redbird Simulator

Discounted Rate: $50.00/hr + 15/hr admin.
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